Workforce Development

We focus on building the people, and the people focus on building communities.

Workforce Development is traditionally defined as “training programs that provide existing and potential workers with the skills to complete tasks needed by employers to let the organizations stay competitive in a global market-place.” Through training and various programs, LIUNA has raised the bar in investing in our strongest commodity – YOU. Whether a member comes to us as an apprentice with little to no skills, a journey worker seeking to enhance skills, or an esteemed veteran through Helmets to Hardhats, we pay for all the training our Laborers receive. We equip our members with the skills and tools to fulfill our contractors’ workforce needs. 

Our Business is Their Business

The owner of any construction project needs professional workers that complete jobs safely, timely, and within a specified budget. Owners depend upon our signatory contractors and local unions to provide these professionals. Ohio Laborers’ District Council takes pride in the fact that we pay for our own training – we don’t accept any federal or state money to provide training to our members. Training costs are a part of the member’s benefit package, and we strongly encourage our Laborers to take full advantage of the many opportunities available to continually enhance their current skills and learn new ones so that they are always ready for the next job. As mentioned in last months’ mailing, training courses to enhance your current skill set are offered year-round, whether you take them at the Ohio Laborers Training Center or through your local union hall. 

The construction industry is continuously evolving and as a result, Laborers must continue to evolve with it. Our con-tractors need a continuous flow of developed workers that are knowledgeable and trained on the latest construction innovations like exoskeletons and robotic coring systems. These skills will be important as we start to see the investments in construction provided by the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill. The training is available for Laborers, we just need you to take advantage of it 


LIUNA Training Network

We are always looking to invest in our future and keep our union strong. On a national level, LIUNA Training is a leader in developing new strategies to increase our presence in workforce development. The newest initiative is the implementation of LIUNA Training’s LEARN Program. LEARN is an innovative four-year career and technical education high school curriculum where students receive applied academic, work, and life skills to provide a solid foundation to enter a U.S. Department of Labor-recognized apprenticeship program and a successful career as a Construction Craft Union Laborer. LEARN students excel through a hands-on, collaborative activity approach to teaching. The results put each student on path to discovering the limitless career opportunities of a Construction Craft Union Laborer. 

COVID'S Impact on the Workforce

We are starting to hear more reports that job owners are requiring all contractor employees to be fully vaccinated to be on the jobsite. Since these mandates are coming from the job owner, we cannot collectively bargain the matter. Further, recent guidance indicates that a lay-off due to the lack of vaccination may be disqualifying for unemployment. In other words, the contractor may have to lay you off and you will not be eligible for unemployment. If you haven’t received the COVID vaccination, please consider doing so. Your job may depend on it!