From our perspective, a solid pension benefit is fundamental to being a union member. That’s why our mission statement ends with the clause “retirement security for all workers.” The Laborers’ District Council and Contractors’ Pension Fund of Ohio began in 1967, and in turn, has been providing lifetime benefits to hard working Ohio Laborers for over 50 years. Last month alone, over $13 million was paid to retired Laborers and their beneficiaries.

Understand Your Benefits - Pension Basics

To be eligible for pension benefits, you must first become vested. Getting vested is rather straight forward, you simply need to earn 5 credits. You earn one pension credit each calendar year you get 1,000 hours or more contributed to the Pension Fund. You can also earn partial credits if you work fewer than 1,000 hours in a year. (In some instances, you may also be eligible for vesting credits for periods of disability, military service, or changing jobs.)

Once you become vested, you are guaranteed a pension benefit at retirement age. And, the more credits you earn, the more pension types you will be eligible for in the future. Five credits qualify you for Regular Retirement. Ten or more credits allow you to retire with an Early Retirement (and in some cases a disability pension benefit). And for those members who are fortunate enough to earn 30 or more credits, a Special Service Retirement may be due. Regardless of when you retire or what type of pension benefit you receive, there is one simple rule of thumb, the more hours you work, the higher your pension benefit grows.

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Please consult Ohio Laborers Benefits at (800)236-6437, visit, or review your summary plan description for official rules and details.

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Are YOU Ready to Retire?

If you are thinking about retiring and ready to start the process, we recommend meeting with a Benefits Counselor from Ohio Laborers Benefits approximately 90 days before you quit laboring or want to start your retirement. But don’t take our word for it, your fellow Laborers vouch for it as well. “It was very easy, and I felt like everything was explained to me really well. Takes the stress out of the process,” Randy, Local 1015. A Benefits Counselor can assist you with all the necessary paperwork to get your pension and retiree insurance started. Simply call the Benefits Office at (800)236-6437 to schedule an appointment at your Local Union hall.

Know Who Has Your Back

Social Security and a defined-benefit pension plan like ours have long been the foundation of a secure retirement. Unfortunately, there are many politicians who don’t protect these benefits. We understand the political climate today is very partisan, but we support and endorse the candidates (regardless of political party) who protect our union, its members, and their benefits. Please familiarize yourself with some of the key issues that have a direct impact on your right to earn fair wages and benefits in a safe environment. Visit to learn more about the issues and the candidates who have our backs

Retiree Christmas Party

To show appreciation to the retired Laborers who helped build Ohio Laborers to what it is today, Ohio Laborers’   District Council hosts an annual retiree Christmas party. Hundreds of retirees from around the state come together to celebrate, renew friendships, honor their past, and maybe even win a raffle or two. We hope to restart this great tradition again in the future.

Pension Reminders:

  • Keep your beneficiaries up-to-date                       

Whether it’s marriage, divorce, birth, or death – if your family changes, you may need to update your listed beneficiaries. Simply complete an Enrollment Card and submit it to the Benefits Office.

  • Check your paystubs                                

Throughout your career you should compare your paystubs to your quarterly year to date statements from the Benefits Office. You don’t want to be shorted hours and get less money in retirement.

  • Keep tabs on your pension                                          

Review your annual pension statements or track your pension hours through the Benefits Office’s member portal at Know when you become vested and eligible for different benefits.

  • Working after retirement?                        

If you choose to work after retiring from the LDC&C Pension Fund of Ohio, please make sure you understand how the work could affect your pension and retiree insurance benefits. Depending on your age, your work history, the type of work you perform, and how many hours you work, the rules are different. Certain employment could result in you forfeiting your hard earned benefits, so please contact Ohio Laborers Benefits to determine if your post retirement work will negatively impact your benefits.