What are the LIUNA Tri-Funds? Did you know there was a department within LIUNA dedicated to keeping you safe and healthy both on and off the job? LIUNA’s Tri-Funds does this vital work on your behalf by bringing labor and management together to expand market share, win projects and jobs, enhance health and safety, and train for the future. LIUNA’s Tri-Funds is comprised by a Training and Education Fund; Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET); and a Health and Safety Fund. 

Unlike several states throughout our Region (Ohio Valley and Southern States Region), Ohio Laborers has established our own LECET and Training Funds, so we will focus on the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund portion of Tri-Funds. Representing Tri-Funds in Ohio is Regional Field Coordinator, Karl Jefferson, who works as a liaison between our International, Regional, and State Funds in administering the benefits offered. 

The Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA)

For our members, ensuring that you work on safe job sites and that you and your family have the best health care possible have always been key concerns for your Union. Therefore, in 1988, the Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund was established with Board representation from both labor and employers. Since that time, the department has been providing programs that save time, money, and most importantly – lives. 

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Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment, and LHSFNA can help our contractors establish one – from interpreting the maze of OSHA standards to assisting in developing customized site safety plans or training that will help reduce accidents and injuries. Transforming, developing, and maintaining a powerful safety culture is a never-ending effort that yields bottom-line results. 



We work with signatory contractors to help them manage risk and, most importantly, keep job sites safer for our hard-working members. We can assist contractors with designating and training risk management personnel, es-tablishing safety programs, maintaining safety cultures, and providing consultation and guidance for specific problems or regulatory concerns. 


Critical Incident Stress Management-

After a job site injury or death, low morale, stress, and varying emotions can make laboring even more difficult. LHSFNA can help arrange stress management services for our members where trained professionals can share resources and guidance to help members cope with their feelings and pre-pare to return to work after a tragic accident. 



Signatory employers expect Ohio Laborers to be “fit for duty” and that includes being free of drugs and alcohol. LHSFNA can provide information, technical assistance, consultation, and training in matters of substance abuse and drug and al-cohol testing. This can increase bidding opportunities for our contractors in sectors that require comprehensive drug-free workplace plans. More opportunities for our contractors mean more opportunities for you and your Union brothers and sisters. 



LHSFNA also offers on-site health fairs where we introduce our union members and their families to wellness information and conduct health screenings for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol, body fat percentage, vision tests etc. at no cost to you. Additionally, the Fund produces over 100 health and safety publications on issues relative to Laborers. All these resources are available at 


US Army Corps of Engineers-

In the Ohio Valley and Southern States Region, Tri-Funds has developed significant relationships with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Waterways Council, Inc. These relationships have helped position signatory contractors to bid competitively and win federal projects that ultimately put our members to work. 



Though we do our best to educate our signatory con-tractors on our many bene-fits, some may not be aware. If your contractor needs no cost assistance in any of these areas, please suggest they reach out to your Local Union, who can put them in contact with the appropriate resources. 

To learn more about LHSFNA and Tri-Funds in Ohio, check out this month’s podcast with Regional Field Coordinator, Karl Jefferson.