Laborers' International Union of North America

Over the past several months we have worked to familiarize you with your Union, the Ohio Laborers – from your benefits to leadership at Ohio Laborers’ District Council (OLDC) to training opportunities and support funds. But let us not forget, there would be NO Ohio Laborers Union if not for the Laborers International Union of North America. 

Monthly Podcast - Steve Farner

On this month’s Ohio Laborers Union and You Podcast, hear from one of LIUNA’s leaders, Steve Farner. Steve joined LIUNA as a senior in high school and is currently serving as the Assistant Regional Manager for the Ohio Valley and Southern States Region and as an Executive Director in the Office of the General President. 

History & Growth

LIUNA began more than a century ago when courageous workers overcame hostility, threats, and violence to join together for better lives. Today we are a powerhouse of over half a million strong men and women throughout North America who are proud to build the United States and Canada. We are united through collective bargain-ing agreements which help us earn family-supporting pay, good benefits, and the opportunity for advancement and better lives. Since our inception in 1903, LIUNA has grown and prospered and is now comprised of:

  • 400 Local Unions
  • 44 District Councils
  • 9 Regional Offices
  • 1 Canadian Sub-Regional Office
  • International Headquarters in Washington, DC

Today's Leadership

The International Union and all affiliates operate under LIUNA’s Constitution, and are governed by the General Executive Board including General President Terry O’Sullivan and General Secretary Treasurer Armand Sabitoni along with 14 International Vice Presidents. Ohio is unique in that it has two leaders serving on the General Executive Board – OLDC Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer Ralph E. Cole (Portsmouth Local 83) and the Ohio Valley and Southern States Regional Manager, Robert Richardson from Cincinnati Local 265.

LIUNA's Role

With the help of Ralph and Robert’s leadership, LIUNA is responsible for:

  • Collective bargaining with national contractors both in construction and in other industries on behalf of all affiliates. This includes all National Agreements like Distribution and Mainline Pipeline Agreements.
  • Representing all Laborers in the AFL-CIO, the Build-ing and Construction Trades Department, the Heavy Highway Coalition, and throughout the Labor Movement.
  • Representing the interests of the membership on Capitol Hill and in Parliament (if in Canada).
  • Overseeing and supporting organizing programs carried on at both local and regional levels.
  • Working with our Tri-Funds to see that Laborers receive the best in training, the most vigilant protection of members’ health and safety, and the most aggressive pursuit of additional employment opportunities.

LIUNA is always striving to improve the lives of our members whether it is through improving wages, offer-ing free continuing education and training, maintaining a robust pension and benefits package, monitoring the safety of our members, or assisting in creating jobs. At the end of the day, leadership will change, but LIUNA’s membership is constant and irreplaceable. We could not be LIUNA without YOU, our members. 

Member Call To Action

Members are key to our Union’s strength and fundamental to our continued existence. It is with this in mind we ask you to Fight for Union Jobs by telling Congress to Pass the Infrastructure Framework by going to: 

If this framework is passed, it can lead to over 100,000 great paying, union jobs.